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Thursday, May 06, 2010


Elton Moose

I most certainly agree that everyone must use wisdom and good disgression with whom they associate these days. Dr. Rekers most certainly did not use good judgment in traveling the way he did and with whom.

I believe taking a vacation is not something anyone should do and even on a mission trip. I would hope the church will pray for both these individuals.

What my concern though is, should we be judged by the company we keep? I have retained gay friendships, yet I most certainly do not sin with them. I am very careful as to where I go and what I do. One friend wanted me to visit a gay bar and I refused. This guy was in my home and I was in his home. We often ate dinner together. I also made friends with some of his friends, but I never compromised my integrity. How are we to win others for Christ if we don't befriend people in the gay lifestyle.

The gay movement is looking for anything to discredit any of us. That is sad, but that is why we need to be extremely careful.

We need to hold each other up in prayer daily for the enemy is out to destroy us and he will find a way unless we stay prayed up and follow the "checks of the Holy Spirit."

Neal Terry

First of all, Jovanni is an adult and a prostitute. Like any prostitute caught in a scandal involving a public figure, it's unfortunate for him and his privacy that this happened, but let's not forget that he was advertising himself, complete with lurid descriptions and nude photographs, on the internet. So go easy on the "protecting him from the rabid gay press" stuff. It's not just the gay press, but the worldwide press, including articles in major newspapers in Miami, London, New York and everywhere coming out about this. I feel sorry for him, but the gay community is not victimizing him. The public nature of the story and Rekers himself victimized this kid.

In fact, blaming the "gay communities" for any of the news that came out about Rekers is disingenuous and upside down, but it's unfortunately also in character for people like you, who make a career out of demeaning gay people. Whenever a pillar of the religious right, who has worked to make life more difficult for gay people, gets caught with a male prostitute, your reaction is to blame the gay community. That is not only illogical, it's immoral. You talk about not casting stones, and then you immediately use name calling and false accusations against people who had nothing whatsoever to do with this, except that they're seeing the hypocrisy and saying something about it. I could care less what floats Rekers' boat, except that he's been actively seeking to harm gay people through political action and that grotesque fake science of the ex-gay propaganda, and that makes him fair game.

The comment that "the gay movement is looking for anything to discredit any of us. That is sad, but that is why we need to be extremely careful" is ludicrous. The gay community is paying attention to the harm you are doing, the lies you tell about "curing" people, the political and legal action you take to deprive gay people of civil rights, and the relentless slanders, fake science, and intimidation you are guilty of. Leave us alone and we will leave you alone. But as long as you have homophobic jerks like Rekers running around telling lies and working every day to marginalize gay people and make their lives more difficult, you can bet we will pay attention when those same people get caught on a 10-day trip to Europe with a gay sex worker escorting them.

The song and dance about the enemy being out to destroy you is self indulgent, self pitying drivel. It's not a matter of anyone trying to destroy you. It's a matter of the truth being revealed. You are the ones harming and condemning others under a false guise of "love"--but in fact you are full of condemnation, judgment, and cruelty. How about minding your own business and getting the beam out of your own eye before you condemn others? Your "ex-gay" ranks are full of repressed homosexuals--fine, I don't care. But the pathological need to condemn others to vindicate themselves is just intolerable, and the hypocrites who do such things will get what they deserve--not from the "enemy" but from God Himself.



I am not blaming the gay community for the info that came out. When Dr. Rekers decided to rent a prostitute, cheat on his wife, lie to the world and make a mockery of evangelism he made this mess for himself. So, don't hear me blaming anyone for this mess except him.

You make some valid points about the hypocrisy that is out there---it's a human thing not just a Christian or "ex-gay" (I don't like that term) one. However, I will give you this, Christians should know better especially when they preach it.

I am not able to condemn and to say that's all I am about is categorically false. But, the truth of the matter is that many within the gay community---at least all of those speaking about this situation, are licking their chops over this one. I understand it, but it doesn't make it right. More than one champagne cork popped with the news of Rekers downfall. That isn't speculation, it's truth. I can honestly say that if the tables were turned that wouldn't be my response.

Leo Walla

Hi Alan

I'm commenting on the way you rejoiced the split of two lesbians after 22 years together and "praying" is such a powerful tool.

Good I will pray for that your wife leaves you for another man. And when that happens I'll throw a prty and celebrate your misery and unhhappiness, praise it in my facebook account and wish you all the suffering in the world. Same way I do hope that Rekers will lose his family and die alone - the fate he advocated for countless gay men and women to face.

Yopu are throughly rotten and corrupt man to the very core of your being. I wish that all the sorrow and pain you wish to inflict on gays comes back at you.

And when that happens I will celebrate and rejoice in your suuffering like a true "Christian".


This Dr. Rekers story is so interesting to me. I'm a PK and got to witness a lot of stuff behind closed doors that wasn't let on in public, let alone church.

David Wakefield

As someone who is constantly taking inventory on myself and "slips" from time to time, I am wondering Alan, do you think it would be a good idea for Rekers to go public on this, like on a talk show to state his side of the story?

I find it rather odd that --- if Rekers were actually gay, that he would not have full on sex with Jovanni. Might there be some more to this than we are really seeing?

Frank - john fb

David writes: "I find it rather odd that --- if Rekers were actually gay, that he would not have full on sex with Jovanni."

Why? Perhaps he has a fear of contagion of one disease or another.

Let's phrase the question another way: how many heterosexual men do you know that would hire a much younger, attractive man to "carry their luggage" through a site like "rentboy.com" and mandate they receive daily massages from them?

The issue here is not just hypocrisy. It's a powerful statement on the validity of so-called reparative therapy and its ability to not just assist people to modify their actions but change their sexual orientation.

David Wakefield

Hmm, interesting point. Alan, what do you think?

Marsh Benton


It looks like Alan may be busy cruising the internet for now. ;) Alan, where are you?

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