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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Jen Thorne

My hope and prayer for Dawson is that God will show him in a tangible way that this decision will not be a benefit for him and that he will change his decision and stand for Grace & Truth.

Thanks Alan for all that you do in service the Lord, you are an encouragement to me.


Thanks, Jen! I appreciate you and your encouraging support. I am praying for Dawson, too!


The reason one might find the whole concept appalling regarding Dawson McAllister Live and Exodus, is two-fold.

First what is a national radio show doing referring a minor to a completely non-accredited organization for help during a time of crisis? This is an amazing lack of foresight nearing the boundaries of child endangerment.

Second how could any organization, on the basis of belief and belief only, be in a position to counsel a minor on such a personal concern, especially when that organizations founding position is that the thing the minor is concerned by is essentially wrong?

My hope and prayer is that God helps you understand that that being busybodies helps no one, especially those you think you're helping (whether it be yourself or others).

1 Peter 4:15
"If you suffer, however, it must not be for murder, stealing, making trouble, or prying into other people's affairs."



Are you serious? A 22 year old gay blogger is posing as a 16 year old confused kid in order to stir up trouble, and you're accusing Exodus of being a busybody? Did you even bother to read the story?

As for completely non-accredited organization, I'm sure they could have found some accredited psychologist to help him resolve is identity issues. That is if this guy wasn't busying PRETENDING he had a problem. Or maybe you just don't like Exodus take on human sexuality. Then they problem would likely be yours

Kathy Baldock

alan-you asked me to repost my comments to here and they have not appeared here either. Can you let me know why. Thank you



COmments are not moderated. Unsure why your comments have not shown up. Confused.


William Bennett

Not really sure as to how exodus goes about its practice, But I do believe in the greater commandment of "Love your neighbor as yourself" I would want someone to come up beside me and help me reach a goal or commandment of God.
As an ex-gay I can attribute nothing of my success to this world, but give God His glory.
I am truly excited to say that I would welcome the opportunity to see exodus in action. I am currently looking into creating a ministry in my Church to help those wanting to leave the choice of the gay lifestyle.

Be blessed
Bill Bennett

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