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Wednesday, July 01, 2009



Homosexuality is not a sin. Last time I checked, loving someone was NOT equivalent to murder.


It is one thing to know a mind is at work in the Universe. It is another to then claim such intimacy with this mind, you even know its opinion on my sleeping arrangements.

At this point, one needs to take inspiration from the late, great Carl Sagan, who reminds us that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. How can anyone know such information? How does anyone know that a collection of texts written about 2,000 years before Darwin, represent anything more than the relatively simple opinions of its authors? I cannot take anyone seriously till I hear coherent answers to these challenges.


Alan Chambers, You are an ignorant creton. Shut up while you are ahead. Until you take back ALL your hateful misinformed rhetoric about homosexuality, you can go to hell. Everyone who knows anything about you is well aware you are obsessed with cock. Thats your problem. Grow up.

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