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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Cindy Hinsch

Thank you for the link Alan. I think Ted Haggard should join the Exodus team.
Forgive and Love stands out. That's our job.
And when the Pastor said at the end of the service that he (himself) was a marked man (because of the call on his life) I thought of myself (cause God always is personal with His message to us) and then I thought of you , Leslie and your family and I will continue to lift you up in prayer. I am so thankful for your loving and humble leadership over the Exodus network. Thank you again for this post, Cindy


It's a message that needs to be heard. Defeat the secrets by bringing them into the Light. Lord's work is beautiful to behold. God in Gayle blows me away; what she said about the value of authenticity is exactly right. Yes, truly it is the enemy-accuser that wants us to hide behind our "fig"urative (pun intended) fig leaves. May more and more people be real, in truth and grace together.

Alan Chambers

I agree, Gayle was amazing. I would love to have her speak at an Exodus conference. There are so many women in her position and her grace and boldness are powerful tools to impart to others.

Boris Hirsi

That is precisely what Exodus needs. Even more liars. Maybe you should also recruit Michael Johnston while you're at it.


The forgiveness offered to our brother Ted Haggard is truly commendable. I long to see the churches take this even further to fully include our lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender sisters and brothers into their full lives and ministries, without expecting them to deny their identities. LGBT people have so many gifts to offer the church, but sadly, they are considered sinners by their very being and not worthy to offer their gifts openly as who they are. It appears that Elevation Church has embraced much of contemporary culture, as is evidenced by their metrosexual pastor and their worship style. If they can embrace these aspects of our culture, surely they can embrace the people who have given their hearts and gifts to serve them! That is my prayer.

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