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Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Stephen Black

Hey brother Alan!

This was an excellent post! I really enjoyed it!

I enjoyed the McDonald's humor as well. I know that feeling :-)

We really do need to pray - fervently! So much potential bizarreness to talk place in the next four years!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Richard Holloman

I find myself agreeing with you on almost everything I've read. You must be a pretty smart guy! Thanks for a good thought provoking post.


Thanks for the perspective, Alan. Good thoughts to chew on...


Ken Kugelman

Yes. For the will of the LORD to be done thru this President. I pray for that also. Thankfully God sees the Whole picture (which I can't.) But it's not just the President. We have a greater Democratic majority in Congress. I'll be praying the God's will will be done thru the Congress also. Actually, when I stop and think more for a moment, maybe the LORD is more concerned about His will being done in the church than in the government. Hmmm.

DebbieLynne Kespertt

What a good challenge, Alan! Thanks.


“like inviting former homosexual Donnie McClurken to sing at an event on the campaign trail”

It wasn’t his so-called ex-gay status that I objected to, it was the fact that he referred to me as wanting to kill children.

“and asking Rick Warren to do the invocation at the innaguration”

Same with Warren, when you compare gay couples with pedophiles and incest lovers, that naturally spreads hate, which eventually leads to violence.

That, essentially, is my complaint with you and Exodus. You go well beyond God’s “disapproval” of our ‘sexual behavior’ in order to disparage us; pedophilia, association with the Holocaust, delusional because we’re convinced we’re born this way--(yet without even saying so, which is even more insulting), etc.

Exodus also mentions Leviticus 20:13 to condemn male homosexual sex (website, book and E.Y. DVD), yet no attempt is ever made to condemn God’s so-called command to have us PUT TO DEATH.

Obviously I could go on and on and on (or maybe it’s not so obvious), but I find your organization to be decidedly anti-gay, not pro-ex-gay.

And the really sad part is, there are some people who will never accept their same-gender attractions, but who will never trust you because of all that. In the political (anti-gay propaganda) effort to tamp down on pro-gay policies, I feel that you’ve left these people spiritually homeless.

And don't get me wrong, I'm doing everything in my power to get people like that to accept themselves as they are, but I'm also facing reality.
“I did not vote for Barack Obama because I will never vote for any candidate, Republican or Democrat, who believes in killing pre-born babies.”

Even though I believe in life before birth, I’m against that too, but I think that a more effective approach to minimizing abortions would be through efforts to minimize unwanted pregnancies. Even if that means contraception and comprehensive sex ed.

I realize that’s not an option you would accept, but if you thought that that was the best way -- at least at this point -- to save countless unborn babies, do you think that’s something you could at least temporarily support?

And for the sake of argument, let’s assume there’s no slippery slope involved, let’s assume that an even better solution is just around the corner. So again, is that something you could support?

I know it’s complicated, so I don’t expect a yes or no answer, but that’s the best way I could put it right now.

P.S. I appreciate your praying for Obama, his family and this administration. I voted for him, but I’m not even sure what to expect, he may be just another politician, only slicker. But for what it’s worth, even though I despised GW, I still always prayed that God’s Will be done in the situation. Election-wise or other.


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