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Wednesday, November 05, 2008



i hope these guys remember to pray for the brokenhearted http://www.latimes.com/news/local/lat-loomis10_k9upc7nc20081105081259,0,7130590.photo


cool... a blog post! Thanks for sharing your heart and perspective.


I pray this morning that the proponents of Arizona’s Prop 102, California’s Prop 8 and Florida’s Amendment 2 celebrate with these broken hearts in mind and with a desire to comfort those who need comfort in the wake of what has to be bitter disappointment.

One can not celebrate and be brokenhearted at the same time. It's impossible. If you feel this was a necessity, then be solemn, respectful, and go about loving others as Christ loves you. But don't even consider celebrating something that causes others pain.

Stephen Black

Alan, This post was a very kind, thoughtful and hopeful. I appreciate your graciousness and your desire to bridge the gap in a merciful attitude and spirit.

However, I think it is just a bit of a stretch that having a black president-elect helps to bridge the gap to godliness as part of God's plan in some how curing racism or a call to repentance of racism.

I do not believe this is about the color of a man's skin in God's eyes. I believe it is about mens' hearts, and the hearts in the nation that elected him and the other liberal leaders and what they truly desire in their hearts. This is what I believe has God's attention. THE HEART of man. No doubt, the media and many black and race conscientious folk have made this much about race. I am sad that there is so much attention to Obama's skin color and the black and white issues. Little is mentioned that he is biracial, like my granddaughter, who is being raised by white grandparents. Let us not forget Obama is half white, raised by a white mother, and white grandparents. This is historic in so many other ways... the issues.

I am very concerned at the direction of this country, quite frankly I am grieving, and not so jubilant as many Christians seem in "trusting God." I hate seeing this country become so immorally broken. I deeply love this country. There is more of a need now for truly DOING 2 Chronicles 7:14 instead of praying about doing it. Gall-up revealed in November 2007 that almost 80% of 16-25 year olds believe the free sex with anyone any where, at any time was not immoral "hooking-up for fun sake with no strings attached" and this same group believed that homosexuality was not immoral and that gay marriage should be accepted. These are our new up coming leaders in the next generation.

This HISTORIC event of a Democrat controlled US government reveals to me that people in our country continue to be "me" focused than God focused. This is certainly historic and Change IS coming... what will it look like after 4 years of this?

Again, I sincerely appreciate you and your mercy giftings... it keeps me balanced. :-)

Jack Yan

A fabulous post, Alan. I totally understand where you are coming from.

I am not an American. However, I have been watching your elections from 7,500 miles away. And a great number of my family are American-born citizens. Here in New Zealand, I saw the media champion then-Sen. Obama without much regard for his opponent.

What the American people do not know are the specifics and I can fully sympathize with those who have some trepidation about an Obama presidency. Will his cabinet be truly conciliatory, placing nation first, or, as with his vice-presidential selection, will President-elect Obama pander to his party?

But on the other hand, being a member of a racial minority myself, Sen. Obama’s victory is a positive and permanent strike against a racial glass ceiling. On that I feel optimistic and I pray to God for the best outcome for your country and for our world.


Alan, I'm going to be honest, as a mulatto I'm a little vexed over the line "the majority voted economy and race over human life..."

Did you vote race over any of the positions Obama supported? Of course not. Please, give people of color a little more credit-we're smarter than that. We didn't pick Obama because he was black any more than McCain picked Palin because she's a woman.

And Bush had 8 years AND senate AND the house AND the supreme court to restrict abortion more and more. But he failed. Or he lied to the people who voted for him. However you see it, maybe Barack will surprise you.


36,000 hearts that have to be absolutely broken.

Hey Alan... I don't pretend or presume to know the hearts of all gay folks; you might consider the same.

Yes, it is difficult for married couples to suddenly find their status thrown into limbo. (Imagine, for a moment, waking one day to find that your fellow citizens voted to rescind your marriage license.)

But, we gay folks are grown-ups. This is hardly the first, much less the last, time the legitimacy of our relationships has been or will be challenged. We're not huddling in corners with broken hearts because our neighbors don't want our families to have the same rights and responsibilities theirs do.

We will continue to be pragmatic and determined to take simple steps to care for our families.

Wishing you well...

Cindy Hinsch

Thank you Alan for the thoughtfulness that is behind this great post of yours.
I love your heart.
God knows I required the comfort of your words.
I also shared the same reflections as you as I witnessed such a milestone to racism.

My initial reaction to Obamas election was that God knows what He is doing and I believe (because of prayer) Obama will fall to his knees in gratitude for this gift in his life and seek our Lord as never before in order to be a leader that will make his creator proud.
Thanks again Alan.

Mike E

Great post, Alan!

Jay, it is possible to solemnly celebrate the fact that the American populace still largely recognizes God's design for marriage and family and not be celebrating the fact that some people are hurt by that because of their chosen worldview and life path.

The purpose of these proposals and amendments was to preserve what is right. Not everyone believes what is right, but that doesn't mean we can't or shouldn't still fight for it. I think if you put off any political movement because of its potential to disappoint or hurt the feelings of someone, nothing would ever get done.

Alan Chambers

Hey Courage, I guess I should have been clearer and I'm sorry for not being so; I actually meant there were A LOT of white people, and I would imagine some black people, who vote race over issues. I don't mean the majority---but I also didn't mean it to be as negative as it comes across, either. I think there is a goodness in people's hearts who did vote that way--I understand it. It is a value, in my opinion, to vote to overturn racism by electing the first black person, woman, hispanic, you name it to any post they haven't previously held---I just don't think it should be the first value we choose---but, I am not black, female, hispanic, etc. Does that make sense?


"Related to the wins for marriage as we know it, though, must come the realization that 18,000 marriage licenses are this morning deemed invalid in the state of California."

Actually they AREN'T invalid. And the state is going to fight to keep them legal. Laws are not retroactive unless they specifically saw and Prop 8 doesn't.

I was at a peaceful candle light vigil on the steps of the capital last night. The hateful Slavis community showed up (not all people who voted YES on 8 are hateful but this group definitely is) and one of their leaders was saying YES on8 is going to fight to invalidate the marriages that happened between this summer and now.

I think that will cause an uproar. And I may not be as loud or violent as them but I will peacefully continue to do my part to fight for full equality.


Joann Gammichia

You can tell you have the love of the Lord in you. Compassion is always harder when we are disappointed. You stayed above while still remaining true to your values. Well written!


Read my comment again. I didn't say not to fight for what was right. I said to go about it in a respectful, loving, Christian way that totally and honestly recognizes and sympathizes with the pain that would be inflicted.

That's the thing. Other than ex-gays, I have yet to come across a Christian who has expressed one iota of concern about the pain that gay people are going through right now. No one is saying, "It had to be done, but accept my condolences."

If that was happening, I'd have a little more faith that the Church actually cares about gay folks.

Alan Chambers

Jay, I just re-read your original post---I get it. Thanks for commenting.

Mike E

I read your comment correctly the first time. You're assuming that the feelings people are expressing are not genuine and, as you imply in your response to me, don't even amount to an iota of concern.

And I respectfully agree with Randy that you might want to work on the condescension you routinely express online.

Denise Gardner

Very, very well said. Even though I too am devestated, I agree with the comments about a black President and will joing you also in praying God will change their hearts. Also, I couldn't agree more with you about George W. Bush. He has brought a breath of fresh air to the White House that was desperately in need of honor. I will always remember he and his lovely wife for that and many other positive things. God was (and still is) good to us.

Kelvin Coe

Dear Brother

Please understand that most people did not vote FOR OBAMA because of his race. No way. People did not vote race.

It is important for you to REALLY RECOGNIZE the Sovereignty of God in these matters and to have confidence in God that OBAMA was elected for God's purposes.

I am in 100% agreement with you that we should pray for a change of heart in OBAMA on the abortion issue and pray for his SUCCESS as the leader of our country.

I believe that your comments below are a good piece of the answer:
Maybe in God’s grand plan for this great nation, regardless of the politics of it all, He destined the election of this man. After all, it does say in the middle portion of Daniel 2:21: He removes kings and establishes kings. What if this black President is God’s line drawn in the sand that says definitively once and for all, “A Godly nation cannot be a racist nation.”? What if President Barack Obama is just a step towards a nation repenting for its past sins? I’m not God, but I have to believe He has a purpose in allowing this leader to be elected and I am going to trust Him in it and pray that Barack Obama is the most successful President we have ever known."

Also, Republican need to take a hard look at why many people have turned away from them. I am convinced that it had nothing to do with wrong action by the voting public in general, but has to do with the sinful acts of the Leadership of the Republican Party that have caused hurt to so many people. Not for me to lay them all out. It would take too long. It's time for Republican Leadership self-assessment.



You're assuming that the feelings people are expressing are not genuine...

Not at all. I'm sure that the heartbreak being felt by Alan and Randy (and presumably you) for gay couples is genuine. You've been there; I'm sure you can sympathize. In fact, I can't find anything in my comments here that suggested otherwise.

But why is it that the only people who express such sympathies are ex-gays? I really haven't come across an "ever-straight" Christian who has expressed the same kind of concern about the defeated gay couples like Alan has expressed here.

I usually take people at their word. If they're not saying they feel sympathy for the gay couples of California, then I'm not going to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they are.

And e-mail me privately if you are going to talk about my personality. I have not been condescending to you or anyone here. I'm just saying what I believe and leaving it at that.

David Roberts

Mike, I realize that we disagree on many things, but I'm quite stunned that you would describe Jay or what he writes as anything close to "condescending." I've heard nothing but praise and admiration concerning Jay from those on both sides of this issue. He manages to express and maintain his biblical beliefs concerning homosexuality without totally alienating others, and his honesty and condor are a breath of fresh air.

I would think you would want to emulate him, not accuse him. There are two people from ex-gay circles who contacted me personally to offer their sincere condolences over the recent defeats and they did so in a most Christ-like manner -- Jay was one of them. Now contrast this with the public yeah's and yahoos from you and Randy on Tuesday night, which do you suppose is likely to show the most love?

I'm not saying you are a bad person, but I do think you could learn something from your brother Jay.


While I appreciated your tone and your heart in this entire piece, I do have a few concerns. I don't think you intended it but it sounds like you don't believe that a person could have a genuine relationship with Christ AND vote/believe Democratic. This seems largely connected to two big issues: gay rights and abortion rights. Dems are for; Repubs against. Therefore God's party is the Republican Party.

While I agree that is a good idea to pray that the Obama family will come to know Christ's riches more fully, I maintain that, as Christians, we ought to be praying that for our Christian president as well. The fact that you mention it for the Obama's suggests you think that the faith and Christian experience of our Republican presidents has more substance than that of Democrats. (There are some reading this who are shouting 'You're darn right it does!') For those who identify with that thought, consider that you are judging the validity or depth of the Christian experience of approximately half the nation. (I guess that's okay but I do think one should be aware that that's what they believe.)

I consider myself a conservative. I believe that abortion is wrong and I believe that the Bible calls homosexual behavior sinful. And yet, I'm a Democrat. Yes, they have their faults but they have one important thing that's closer to the heart of the gospel, they have a concern for the well-being of their fellow man. Unfortunately, the image of the Republicans has been "I want to protect what's mine and get more". Of course I realize that the party is peopled with many many good Christians but the evidence suggests that there are many many many who, though they identify as Christian, have no real sense of Christ as, say, you or I do. (I recall one objection to gay marriage being 'but it will make our insurance premiums go up' and then they conveniently add God to legitimize their selfish motive.)

God's hands won't be tied during this Democratic period. Pray for effective and godly advisors. Pray that our new president will have the wisdom and strength to administrate effectively. Pray that all will come to experience the riches of Christ more fully. (Trust Him for how He chooses to do that...what pace, what priorities.)

Lynn David

Alan Chambers: And, while I am thrilled with the vote in support of keeping marriage the way God intends it, I am truly heavy in heart for the men and women who saw same-sex marriage as an answer to their struggle for acceptance. I do not take any joy in seeing people’s dreams or hearts crushed even if I disagree with them.

Where do not our most basic of human rights lie if not in the love expressed in our dreams and aspirations? So you have just celebrated the suppression of persons real, human, inalienable rights. But....

Alan Chambers: Finally, and again, I am choosing to see the outcome of this election in a non-hopeless light and with the absolute belief that America is, though possibly hanging by a thread....

SNAP!! Proposition 8 was doomed to fail from the beginning. In an interview in the German magazine Speigel The Republican-appointed CA Supreme Court Justice Ronald George said the following:

"If this amendment to the constitution passes, it would prevent gay people from being married, but it would not remove this protection that we put in our analysis. ... We're saying that if you look at a classification of gay people, you must treat it just as if you are classifying on the basis of the color of their skin or their religion. And that is probably the most important thing in the whole ruling, even though the population's attention understandably has mostly been on the "M word" of marriage."

Courts will often not comment on amendments offered up for popular vote, often hoping that that vote will simply go the "right way." But the Court when prompted, and it will be prompted in several suits, will rule on such amendments. George is saying that the only way to rule on Prop 8 is to strike it down as unconstitutional.

Sorry..... you lost. And just think all that Mormon and Focus on the Family money that went into Prop 8, spent meaninglessly.....


Oh, please,... another sanctimonious git. Alan, you chose to hurt gays couples. You chose to work with slanderers and liars, you supported the most vile anti-gay campaign ever and you have the audacity to feel sorry for the suffering YOU CAUSED.

How dare you, you are like a wife beater who regret beating up the wife abut at the same time believes that the bitch needed to be punished.

You are such a fraud, Alan. Own you bigotry. Rejoice about the suffering you intentionally caused to people who have never hurt you. You chose to hurt us. The least you could do is to be honest about it.

What a despicable liar you are.


You know what? If marriage between a man and woman is the only way God intends it, he can damn well get his sorry rear end in gear and come tell us himself.

Well, God?


All powerful being for whom this little clarification would be a doddle...?



Don't try to sympathize with someone after you are to blame for their hurt. The homosexual population has done nothing to hurt you but because YOU believe otherwise you need to hurt them.

Why can't people change. Many years ago Christian men and women across the country owned slaves. They participated in horrible acts against African Americans. Thankfully America changed.

Why doesn't America and people like you change now. Of course this isn't the same... but homosexuals are human beings and to deny them something that doesn't hurt anyone... you, me, or anyone else is just plain WRONG.


Thoughtful and provocative post, Alan and well said. I hadn't really given much thought to the fact the the marriage licenses of those who are homosexual being affected in California. You are correct to empathize with the broken-hearted and for the person so says it comes only from the ex-gay community, let me take the time to chime in and say, "I agree" and I can be considered, always straight.

For the person who incorrect asserted that you cannot be broken hearted and celebrate at the same time, I beg to differ. Of Cuban descent, I too CELEBRATE that we have moved towards a more peaceful and graceful racial reconciliation in this country. I cannot celebrate the election, however, of a man whose very public policy views on some moral issues will threaten to erode all that I have fought for in this arena my entire adult life--namely, the sanctity of human life and more specifically, abortion. So for that--I am brokenhearted. Mixed emotions are allowed, even mixed results in this election where even die-hard politicos must admit there are many gray areas and planks. Even within the Republican and Democratic parties there are issues within issues and degrees of dissent (on more than moral issues)--made clear by the clear division between Hilary and Obama. So an acknowledgment of mixed emotions is helpful and honest, transparent and courageous. Thanks again Alan.


Hi Alan,

My heart is torn between the two.

I know that many see the Republican party as "the face of Christianity" but in my understanding...

The foundation of God's word being both Righteousness and Justice...

From my observation both political parties compromise big time on Christian morals and values.

The question I have is this...

Should I agree with the Republicans and then continue to oppress the very people that God calls us not to oppress or should I agree with the Democratic Party and and watch the steady moral decay within society?

This is a very tough question...

I can't very well oppress my own people... the minority.... the Firt Nations... the orphans, the widows, those who work extremely hard to fend for themselves meanwhile supporting a government that continues to oppress these people.

I don't know how some Christians can support a political party that does.

And then here's something to add into the mix...

Being ex-gay myself... being a person driven towards Social Justice within my own Country (Canada)... what on earth should I do?

I disagree with both Political groups in the US and Canada.

Somewhere I compromise with my vote in Canada.

I don't see how winning a moral debate will win people over. I think it will acheive the opposite of what was originally intended.

I really think that the Bush Administration needs to be held accountable for the 1 billion dollar bail-out of which 20, 000 dollars that went towards Corporate Bonuses... Hmmm makes me want to question the Bush Administration and the Republican Party?

Has anything good come of the 1 billion dollar bail-out?

The Stock market continues it's downword spin to the bottom...

I'm hopeful that the changes that need to happen we will see happen with the Obama Administration.

I will say this though for President Bush...

I know he's kept many people around the world safe. Many sacrifices were made to keep us all safe. And President Bush has done a lot of good as far as making and turning away policies. And so I see some positives with the Bush Administration but as long as a Political group continues to compromise in biblical morals and values which the Republican's are just as guilty at... then I can't say that one is better then the other.

Who's the better of the two evils? McCain or Obama. I sincerely believe whole heartedly for Obama.


Alan is crying crocodile tears.

Stephen Black

Interesting about all the polls and media coverage over the whys people were voting for Obama. I guess we really can't believe any of it. There were hundreds if not thousands of reports, and thousands of YouTube videos and thousands of blog post before the election that MANY blacks were voting for Obama because he was black, so that history would be made. Okay, so I guess ALL of it is just a bunch of lies. (LOL, actually there is very little I do trust).

53% of the voters in the USA voted for Obama, and race had nothing at all to do with this election, right? Then why did over 95% of blacks vote for Obama? Should it not be the same stats? Just curious for all those who say that race did not enter into this election at all, what's the deal? And why give Alan a hard time?


I actually begged God, and prayed and hoped that this election would only be about the issues. I prayed that people would have voted based upon righteousness, especially concerning one issue, ABORTION. NO SECRET, President-Elect Obama's position on abortion is radical.

So, not to mention all the other issues I prayed that people would really consider for the leadership of our country, like: experience, his liberal voting records, socialistic policies in wealth distribution, social / moral issues, justice appointments, national security, immigration, character in his associations etc, etc.

My hope is in God. I am very sad that McCain / Palin are not headed to the White House. God have mercy on this country! I also pray that God would help President-elect Obama, his wife, and his precious daughters. I pray that God would give Obama the very beginning of wisdom from the Holy Scriptures. I am also concerned about his daughters growing up in the White House, they are all going to need protection.


My prayer is that our Merciful and Just LORD God will protect Obama from anyone who would kill or harm him, that he have a good four or eight years as President. FAR better to have a more liberal supreme court than to have assasinations and riots and the 1960's all over again, only worse. No one is forcing desperate women to murder their unborn children. (Yes I'm conservative and Republican ever since 1980.)

As for marriage, look how God blessed David a man after God's own heart, yet with SO many wives and concubines? Perhaps (shocking!) the LORD was more concerned about David's heart than whether he just had one wife at a time; yes, concerned about one man and one woman, but how much MORE concerned about the heart. I know there was only one Adam and one Eve and how marriage reflects Christ the Groom and the Church the Bride, and I am ALL for God's original design, one man and one woman till death do us part. Then I find myself thinking the unthinkable....if same sex marriage helps same sex attracted folks to be less promiscuous, is that not better than more promiscuous? (I know, I know...give an inch and a mile will be taken.....slippery slope and all that stuff). I am not ashamed of my vote for Yes on 8, but if the court overturns 8, so be it. This world, after all, is NOT my home. To top it all off, this last Sunday our pastor said what good are all the laws in the world if the church is not being obedient to Christ within the marriages within the Church? If those who belong to Christ aren't submitting to Christ by the Internal Spirit in the New Covenant, and suffering and yeilding to Him to keep their marriages together in love and truth, what good are all the laws expressing the External Letter of the Old Covenant? (ouch!)


Hi there,

Wondering why Allan is crying crockidile tears? Ok, I can't spell but I think you know what I mean.

One thing I'm reminded of is this....

Going back to the story of when the walls of Jericho came down... has anyone wondered why the walls came down and not the gates? Wouldn't you think that it would be far easier and more likely to have the gates fall instead of the walls?

If we do a study of what was happening in that day and age inside Jericho.

What was kept inside the walls of Jericho was actually aborted baby tissue.

And here's another thing...

In all references to God telling Isreal to wipe out an entire nation... always, always was that nation worship Baal.

It kind of makes me wonder what's going to happen as we continue to watch the moral decay within society.

Bill Black

I think the fact evangelicals have the highest rate of divorce in the country, and no success with abstinence for teens, I would think you best get out of the marriage and sex business all together, cuz you don't have any awards to hang your hat on. At least therapists have graduated with degrees and actually study reality instead of woo-woo. Your religious sex rules is baseless hopeful wishful pie in the sky melarchy. Due to the stats, people at this stage of the game would be foolish to come to organizations like yours for guidance on any matters of sex love and relationships. But then the world has many fools.


You know,

Whenever I disagree with somebody I always respect the person. And I always hope that the person may prove me wrong. In fact, I would like for folks within Exodus to prove me wrong and basically show me where I err in my belief system. It's already been done a number of times why not a few more.

I think the one reason why more divorce doesn't happen within our church's is because of organizations like Exodus and like Focus On The Family and if there are any organizations out there that can receive such praise for their work I sincerely believe it's these two organizations. These ministries I have followed for at least 15 years and so far I can't say there is much weight behind the words spoken by Bill Black.

Personally, as I do a lot of thinking and process through this Political maze I've come to one conclusion....

I am more confused about Political issues then I am about issues surrounding my sexuality.

This shows me one thing about my experiences. Is that Exodus and Focus don't make things as complicated as some other people I've come in contact with.

I personally might not agree 100% with them on Political issues but certainly 100% on moral issues.

I also find that people from Exodus and Focus On The Family have treated even their enemies with a lot of respect and love. That shows outstanding character which I find is a rarity to see. And because they can state their opinions and beliefs without attacking people personally it also shows their confidence in what they believe. I really admire that. And it's for that reason I am more then willing to enter into a safe dialogue that might include disagreement. I might actually learn something.


Please people, I ask you all to go to this site and click on the video. It's a reaction to the passage of Prop 8.



I viewed the video.

I don't necessarily view love as something without boundaries. But I think most people in society today have a hard time believing that boundaries could be apart of loving somebody. I believe it was God's ultimate expression of love when he made marriage a covenant between one woman and one man.

Broken boundaries creates confusion.

And I believe the agenda of those who would like to see the re-definition of marriage would also like people to say that this is something that God would bless when there has never been any partnership in the bible blessed other than the union between one man and one woman.

And I also believe that this agenda would definatly work against the very testimony of many thousands of people who can testify to healing and freedom from homosexuality since those who are for the re-definition of marriage would like for society and the church to see their relationship has being healthy and good.

I can't say that kind of relationship is heathy and good.

Marriage isn't a right, it's a priviledge.

I'd like to see Alan share his thoughts on that video.


Hi there,

I was hoping that perhaps you should shed some light on this issue with Politics and Religion.

After church however, I was invited out for lunch with the Senior Pastor and his wife.

The Pastor talked briefly about Obama Vs McCain. As he has been going through a series about the 7 church's in Revelation.

It's been interesting as the Pastor does not shy away from current issues and pretty direct about issues on sexuality. And he's really well balanced in his response to the issue of homosexuality. He's also very and I mean very Conservative which is closest to Republican on US side.

I asked him exactly what I asked you. You're response posted right below was that you were crying crockidile tears. Honestly, that made me even more confused. I honestly, I was expecting something more because I know there is a reason why you believe so passionatly the way you do.

I don't know if you thought I was attacking you and your blog post when really I was frustrated with politics and had some pretty honest questions.

Anyways, after the convo with my Pastor and his wife I saw something I couldn't see before in the area of Politics.

Here's a question...

Do you think it's possible that society has re-defined "Social Justice" in other words, the way it looks and what it actually is?

Perhaps the Republican or Conservative political groups understand something about Social Justice in a way that most people in our society actually can't see.

Because real Social Justice is dealing with the root of the problem which doesn't necessarily take away the surface issues as quickly as society would like.

Eg. Poverty and the problem with Poverty.

Why are some people unable to be functional within society. Obviously it starts with the breakdown of the family. When the family is whole the family functions well.

In biblical times the well fare was the family yet somehow there is this teaching I've heard in the church that the "well fare" is the church's responsibility.

Perhaps there are many people including many within the church who actually fail to understand boundaries and responsibility.

And so perhaps true Social Justice is actually building up the family unit instead of working against the family unit in ways that the Democratic Party does.

Eg. Pro-abortion and Pro-Gay

Real Social Justice is the fight against abortion and the fight for the family. And creating a solution that's not just a band-aid temperary solution.

I then look at my own life. When I began to dig deeper into my own issues and took a closer look at my own brokenness, my healing journey to start wasn't pretty and didn't feel good simply because I stopped medicating my wounds.

I think I've said enough here.

Alan Chambers

Hey Janey,

THanks for all of your comments. THe 'crocodile tears' commment came from someone named Yuri, not from me.



Thanks Alan... *grin*


I do not want nor expect comfort from my oppressors, Alan. A hypocritical sentimentality knows nothing of solidarity and much less of Jesus Christ.

Fr Scott Russell

As an ex-gay survivor and a former Republican, I must say it will be very nice finally to have a CHRISTIAN president who will treat me with respect and not marginalize me based on the love God gives me for another man. I've been a wedge issue in the Republican's back pocket long enough.

Oh, and Alan, I'm glad your heart was melted a little -- my prayer is that God continues to melt it even further.

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