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Wednesday, July 09, 2008



It's fun watching you get published about something that has nothing to do with homosexuality.

Good word.


Hi Alan,

Nice article, but I guess you didn't know that there is really no gas savings when you turn your a/c off. It is only a myth.

They have done studies, when your engine is running, the pulleys and belts turn all the components equally in speed and resistance. This includes your a/c compressor.

Turning the a/c on does not increase the resistance of the belts on the pulleys.

Check with your local automotive expert if you don't believe me.

And roll your windows up and enjoy the a/c! Not using your a/c at all can cause far more expense problems than a tank of gas!


Re: your op ed in the Orlando Sentinel about driving with the windows down. Since you have an older car, you might be interested to learn that several consumer organizations have tested the effectiveness of driving with windows down, and found that this actually uses more fuel. Older cars are not designed as aerodynamically as newer cars. Open windows create greater wind resistance. So, unless you buy a newer car, you are not saving fuel by avoiding the use of your air conditioner anyway.

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