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Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Rik Fleming


The following quote from you was posted on GCMWatch at http://gcmwatch.wordpress.com/2008/07/16/the-theological-deficiency-of-exodus/:

"The truth is that homosexuality does not send people to hell. Gay people live in heaven. It’s not about fire and brimstone, it’s about an alternative option,” Chambers said."

Could you please clarify?

Lynn David

Man... there is so much wrong in your article. First comparing homosexuality to "cancer, obesity, alcoholism and rage." Neither of the middle two if genetically influenced are necessarily "negative behavioral patterns" as you suggest. Then there is your idea that man is genetically fallen, an idea, let alone a scientifically valid hypothesis, which is completely out in left field. But one which so nicely allows you to wrap up your argument to say, "gay gene so what!" Not only is it poor science it's likely poor Christianity, as you are adding to the "good book."

But as to the "gay (male) gene" yep, there is no such thing. But there still may be a genetic factor or factors which influence that propensity towards a homosexual preference. That would be in the realm of gene expression. Now if greater fertility in women was the major factor which resulted from this genetic propensity and that male homosexuality was simply a byproduct of that (and there is an Italian study which suggests just that), then where would that fit into your religious thinking? Can't seem to blame it on a fallen genetics if it has woman more fertile can you? Lemme guess... Satan did it fool us, just like he strewn all those fossils thoughout the rock record to get us to believe in evolution. Please don't date yourself.

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