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Wednesday, March 05, 2008



Good article man.

E. McKnight

Mr. Chambers: I do not know who to contact, but I know that you are the president of Exodus International. I was wondering if you could refer me to someone concerning my interest in finding a job opportunity with Exodus. I have a burden for this ministry, because I too have shared a struggle with homosexuality. I beleive that God is directing me into this kind of ministry. Could you help point me in the right direction for employment opportunities?

Alan Chambers

For info on job openings: [email protected]

Bill Black

Ok Alan, it's been a "few days".

Bill Black

Good article. I believe we are all Christic, and some have forgotten this truth, but remain Christic nonetheless. And whether one knows it or not, we are all "saved", as one can never fall so far from the tree, that in ones demise, soaks into the roots from which it was born.

I believe that fearful teachings for some, play a major role with not realizing Christhood right now. I believe you promote such teachings. Values that can cause hatred, and murder, thus keeping some prodigals from re-realizing Christhood. So Alan, can you reduce the confustion that this advocacy promotes, and answer my previous questions?

Please realize that your Pollyanna article, though lovely in its context, is being written by one who I believe, hates homosexual behavior and finds it a sin and abominable. Pollyanna and the Devil? Now that's one serious cat fight.

Please note: I know this is very hard for you because of your own fears. If you do not answer, I will surely understand. But I urge you to not let the devil cover your eyes and speak not, as then he has surely won you over.

I have great praise for Ellen for her following statement:

Ellen Remembers Lawrence King, Raises Questions

Funny lady Ellen DeGeneres struck a somber note this week when she discussed the unfortunate murder of Lawrence King, who was shot by an allegedly anti-gay classmate.

Says Ellen:

We must change our country and we can do it with our behavior, we can do it with the messages we send our children, we can do it with our vote. This is an election year and there’s a lot of talk about change. I think one thing we can change is hate. Check on who you’re voting for, and does that person really truly believe that we are all equal under the law? And if you’re not sure, change your vote. We deserve better. My heart goes out to everybody involved in this horrible, horrible incident.

This incident is so horrible, in fact, that two presidential candidates have released statements on the 15-year old’s death. No single gay death since Matthew Shepard has rocked America in such a powerful way.

Alan, both candidates spoke on this issue. If the candidates can speak on this issue, I do beleive you can also, by going to places by answering questions that others in your fold fear to go. Will you be a leader in truth Alan? Will you answer the questions you have said you would? One can only hope.

I bid you adieu.

Bill Black

The following questions were posed to Alan Chambers on Feb 24th. They as yet on March 9th, have gone unanswered, though Alan said he would answer "in a few days", several days ago.

Questions: My question to you is: are you still teaching people and believing that they are bad evil abominations going to hell and basically wrong for being their true human nature selves, gay?

And if the church once thought Earth was flat and that the universe revolved around it, and almost killed the scientist who said it wasn't true, because it was against church teachings, which were blatantly wrong; How long do you think it will be before you are also apologizing, like the Pope did for hurting Galileo, for the lunacy you may still promote about the human nature of homosexuality?
If Galileo had been killed, that would have been one person. It would seem your promotion of hatred towards gay sex may be killing thousands through suicide and murder. What are your thoughts on the people who have died due to your personal promotion of such beliefs?

Please break these questions down with distinct separate answers, I would be interested in your point of view.

Boris Hirsi

Alan is a liar.

Few weeks ago he claimed that Exodus will remove itself from party politics and concentrate on copunselling. Today Randy Thomas is spreading hate and prejudice against transgender people in Fof. Exodus like óther bigots ahve noticed that trans people are even more vulnerable to hate and prejudice than gays and thus attack at them ferociously.

Alan has never spoken a true word. he has consitently lied troughout his publi career. I don't believe a word he says, because his politics and the company of bigots he keeps (and who provide his funding) tell another tale.

Alan Chambers is my enemy.

t-cash money

Hello Alan;

I am a poster on Bridges Across the Divide forum, where I noticed that you are a poster, as well. Just recently, I noticed a thread, where you asked a question, why some people might be frightened to hear that hundreds and thousands of people, have been freed from homosexuality. Right here:

I answered your question, by expressing my opinion, which followed by the comments of others, but I would like if you come on BA forum, and address the issues being presented.

Your opinion would be highly appreciated.





Thank you so much for what you are doing at Exodus.With so much hate being directed at you it is amazing how you are able to get through the day. I wanted to let you know you are an inspiration to the thousands who have left this lifestyle.

Keep up the Fight!


beautifully written...I was just talking and sharing with someone these exact sentiments. I love this quote...

"I have a goal this year of focusing my time looking for the precious in people rather than focusing on the worthless in them. I am going to pray that the missing pieces of the Body find their way home. I am going to pray that the Body (right, left, center, evangelical, liturgical, you name it) becomes unified despite its differences and begins respecting each others gifts all the while using their gifts to reach the missing."

Alan, I pray a blessing on you and Exodus and those who are seeking out the missing. We have been praying for unification, despite the differences, and praying for the missing, and it is great to read this from you. Thank you.


Alan can dress his forgiveness in all the phoney artificial love he wants to. He is exploiting religion in the exact same ways as has been done for centuries. It is oppressive when done on a large scale and pathetically silly when done in Alans insignificant and misguided rant. Alan Chambers cannot accept he is a gay man and everything he is and breathes is about homosexuality and his struggle with it. It is sad that Alan transposes his life not dealt with by bantering with others on the sexual orientation of homosexual strangers. Grow up you bible thumping children. You are delusional on the level of psychosis. Alan Chambers maipulates his reality because of his shame. He is the very last one to be offering guidance and the very last one anyone should be recommended to listen to.

Gina Drier

When people approach a religious text, or any large book from which they intend to derive ethical teachings, nearly without exception the person will pick up the book and pay very particular attention to all the morals they already agreed with. A homophobe will pick up the Christian Bible and realise that Homosexuality is an evil sin. A misogynist will pick it up and realise that after all this time he's right: Women are inferior, and he can quote the Bible to prove it. People get, from religious texts, what they put into them.


It is my understanding that if families who claim to follow Jesus, and the Church of Jesus had done it's part by making those "public influencers" feel loved, wanted respected and worthwhile, they wouldn't be hurting. The Devil didn't go after these people- unkind, evil, selfish, cruel, imbalanced human beings who scapegoat their own prejudices are the BLAME. The Devil is just an allegorical myth so people have someone on which to blame their own evil deeds.

Gina Drier

"The people who draw the biggest audiences are at the greatest risk. The enemy was very crafty by stealing those who have the loudest voices. He might have left the Church with the hardest workers, the most faithful and hospitable, but without the right brain we are out of balance, out of order and less effective."

The Church will always be less effective because it blames every outside influce and accepts no responsibility for it's own hatred. Historically Christianity has produced tyranny, murder, lies and bigotry. If Christian Churches sought the real Jesus they'd be able to sustain the body and attract those "creative" people it desires.

Gina Drier

Tell me Alan, I'm asking in honesty, sincerity and all patience, why do people scapegoat the Devil for the cruelty they inflict on others. My brother who is gay, a talented musician, with an advanced musical education, would have gladly devoted himself in service to the church, but the church filled with judgemental, bigoted, selfish people demanded he resign for being an admitted homosexual when he came out. WE(my entire family and myself) supported him and in solidarity left the church, taking many other nonjudgemental people with us. That church will never again support it's pastor who must also support his family so he works a second job to do so.
All because of bigotry, homophobia and hatred- not the DEVIL. When we accept our own misfortunate errors and grievances towards each other we reconcile ourselves to God. But most churches want to judge others and blame the devil so they don't have to reconcile.

Gina Drier

Alan one more thing, in your personal testimony you have this to say, "Yet, still pursuing my search for a man, one day my searching paid off. I found a place where anonymous sexual encounters happened. The sex didn't involve relationship, but still it was something. I was desirable to someone, at least for ten minutes."

My brother never did the Adult Bookstores, Sex Clubs, Bars or seedy things many depressed homosexuals resort to because they didn't feel familial love, church acceptance and God's love. He met his partner at a Convention, dated and made a committment, married and then had sex. Lots of homonormative people do that. I'm convinced by your testimony that pain, hurt, societal unacceptance and seedy unfulfilling sexual experiences cause you cling to misconceptions about homosexuality. The Devil has nothing to do with how people treat others, WE all have the ability to do unto others as we would have others do unto us, and love our neighbor as ourself. We could live at peace if we'd stop blaming and do our part to change God's Kingdom.

Teri Willis

Dear Alan

Thank you for such a beautiful post. I stand in awe. Three years ago this prodigal gal walked through the doors of the local church and recommited my life to God after eighteen years. I was saved since five, but struggled with a gay identity and gender confusion since birth. I have never "known" the opposite sex in an intimate way up to this very day.

When I couldn't find any answers or help in understanding my struggles twenty-one years ago, I left the church and vowed never to be back. But thank God He is a God of mercy and was watching for me to come home! It was that alone that drew me back to His loving arms.

Today, after three years of hard work and reflection in God's word, I have found the nuggets of life hidden in God's will and plan for my life. I am woman and in love with a man named Jesus Christ.

Satan has tried to shut me up many of times. This past year I have been recovering from a serious case of mercury poisen and nearly lost my life. But because of the grace of God, I am still alive and more encouraged then ever to share with others the work that God has done in my life. As far as from where I sit, it's nothing less then miraculous.

Alan I believe your right about everything you said in your post, there's only one more thing I'd like to add and that is . . . AMEN!

In Christ love!


Teri Willis: is your mercury poisoning because you are/were gay before you returned to a church you willingly left? It must be very easy to have all the answers and compartmentalize all you struggle with in little boxes called good and evil. Good luck. I do mean that from the bottom of my heart because you will continue struggling with your sexual orientation just like Alan Chambers until the day you decide to accept who you are. Amen to that sista.

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