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Tuesday, February 05, 2008



I will definitely join you in prayer. Did you see Dobson's statement today?

It's very strong against McCain.


I feel that this is more important than your political views, haven't you gotten a bit off point in this blog?

My question to you is: are you still teaching people and believing that they are bad evil abominations going to hell and basically wrong for being their true human nature selves, gay?

And if the church once thought Earth was flat and that the universe revolved around it, and almost killed the scientist who said it because it was against church teachings, which were blatantly wrong; How long do you think it will be before you are also apologizing, like the Pope did for hurting Galileo, for the lunacy you may still promote about the human nature of homosexuality?
If Galileo had been killed, that would have been one person. It would seem your promotion of hatred towards gay sex may be killing thousands through suicide and murder. What are your thoughts on the people who have died due to your personal promotion of such beliefs?

Please break these questions down with distinct separate answers, I would be interested in your point of view.

Bill Black

Also Alan, along with answering the before questions, could you give us all an idea of how you react when you read such an article as I have put in my blog entry, it may give an idea on how some could take such information and be very helpful for many.

Alan Chambers


I removed the article you posted. Please don't post articles, only comments.

I will try to reply in a few days.


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