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Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Kristinn Asgrimsson

Happy new year Alan and thanks for your visit last year, looking forward seeing you again.God bless you and the family and give you good rest.


Happy New Year to the entire Exdous family, I hope God will give you his promise of strength and power.


“Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid...for the Lord thy God, he it is that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.”


Matthew A Smith

Frankly, Alan,
You are a scary, scary, man. God forbid one of your kids turns out gay. But then if they did it wouldnt be your child would it. Your child would be the DEVIL. Look at the picture of yourself, you can see it, the eyes, the smile, a very scary scary person! [email protected]


thank you for statying away for at least one month. Is it possible you may stay away altogether permenantly? [email protected]

Mike E

Good to have the progressive, tolerant crowd stop by, isn't it?

Alan Chambers

Apparently tolerance in their book means total acceptance or silence unless you are one of them and then it means seek and destroy the opposition at will. Amazing. Nevertheless, I am so glad to have all of you commenting here--that's tolerance.


Oh Alan, It is informative to have you say there is indeed more than one book. Aside from that, your post is dated January 15, 2008. I thought you were away? Just another lie out of your filthy mouth.


Your soul determines your sexual preference, and your soul experiences, it does not judge. Some of you are reeling from the choice your soul has made, because this world has judged you unfit with the voice of the mind, the physical brain voice. The brain choice in some is to annihilate gays, much like organized religion, which lends itself to this creed. You are all born into this energy, and it scares you deeply. This need not be so, as you can clear your fears of death.

The soul simply observes this phenomonen, it is your choice to align with your soul and have less conflict. When you are out of alignment with your soul's choice, life is more difficult. Your greatest voice is your soul's voice. Your brain voice will tell you that you are bad, wrong or unloved. Your soul will heal, recommend and love the brain and body. Your body impulses to hurt yourself are strong, the soul in you has the power to heal fully, if you know how to allow direct revelation.

Your soul chooses a homosexual life, so be it. Live it, love it, for you are not bodies, you are not judgement, nor are you evil or defective. Live from your soul and you will be free of judgemental attitudes from others, and will then fill your life's mission, to be happy and whole in the light of the death squad. They are only there if you call them in. Know this, for you create all of what you see in front of you, simply by deciding to see and listen.

You can have whole loving lives with a same sex partner, it happens all the time, all over the world. What is their secret? Love trumps fear in their lives, it's that simple. They refuse to let lies judgement and hatred from body brain survival voices, ruin their soul choice. They know who they are for they are in alignment with soul choice and soul voice. This is your task also, so that you too, can lead a loving life, loving yourself and others.

Love your Earth, it is a great loving place to come experience all things physical. The catch is, can you do it well without hurting yourself even more than you already have.

You are not a lifestyle, you are a soul choice, a breath of creation into a body, loving laughing and full of joy. Your lifestyle is humanity and soul convergence. Discover it, listen to your soul inside, and you will be happier than you can possibly imagine, single or in love and married to your same sex partner. It all comes down to you.

Let no man or group of men or their writings or actions deter you from your inner loving authentic soul self. For they will try, out of their own brain based fear and lack of soul alignment, to control you. Let this not be so, and happiness will be your guide.

This new year can be a renewed authentic you, let it be so.
[email protected] (Whole Gay Life Coach)


Hi Alan,

I am seeing that you are lightening up on yourself through hearing your words from your Exodus conference. You are exchanging fear for love. Telling people they may not change their internal sexual feelings is a great truth; that must feel good for you to say. This is a sign of a spiritual master, in the making.

You are soon to understand fully, how the hell fire and brimstone method of control does not work for enlightened people, and this too you shall teach others.

In a short time you will find your sexuality to be divine, and will understand all this has been not for not, but to release your own sexual fears, while releasing others.

Then your truest love, your male soul mate if you will, will appear as if out of thin air, and you will finally know what real love on all levels feels like, and you shall be finally, fearlessly free. And. Fearlessly happy.

Congrats. You're doing a great job.

Happy New Years.

Carlos Gomez


Exodus International gentle, non-condemning approach to explaining this politically delicate subject is admirable.I want to thank Exodus for standing for truth in a world often to concerned with "self". Far to often the attacks thrown at Exodus by critics are nothing more than childish contemptuous mockery.

Sadly, these same critics assume any argument that disagrees with them is either that of a religious zealot or some psuedo professional.

They dismiss the evidence to date that presents a convincing argument which states that change is possible and that homosexuality is a product of a myriad of factors including: genetics, intrauterine influences, environment, relationships, and personal choices.

The arguments employed by these activist are not scientific at all, but a product of circular reasoning.Exdous looked at without a political agenda genuinely wants to help people, whatever their sexual orientation.

Exdous for the most part condemns self-righteous people who deride homosexuality to the exclusion of all other sins, a lot more than gay groups do when religious groups are attacked.

I pray that the detractors of Exodus International would at least voice their critiques in the same logical, articulate manner as Exodus International has done in the past. A reasoned, point-by-point rebuttal would be ideal. Instead, these activist resort to personal attacks, negative labelling, knee-jerk loathing and fear mongering. In an age of political correctness and soundbite information, somehow we should never be to surprised by such a reaction.

For those seekers who, for the sake of fairness and knowledge, want an alternate view in the homosexual debate Exodus International is the place to turn.

God bless

disappointed in california

Dear Alan:
I have watched the Joni Lamb program on Daystar television and was very disappointed with your comments. There is not one scripture in the Bible which ever shows that Jesus personally addressed homosexuality or condemned it. For you to say that you had to choose between Jesus and your homosexuality is very sad. I am a preacher's son who has been involved in church since I was born. I have been at a very loving, affirming church which has a seminary ordained gay pastor with a 99% gay congregation for the best 11 years. These people as well as thousands of others know that they have a personal relationship with Jesus and have seen His work in their lives and many miracles.
For you and Joni and people like you to tell people who are really struggling with guilt because of what the "church" has ingrained in their minds, that they have to choose between Jesus and their homosexual identity, is so damning and destructive. How many people have taken and will continue to take their lives because of words and messages like the one they received by watching the Joni show today? I can tell you it's thousands if not millions. You "religious" people who claim to have The Answer do so much evil to the human race with your lack of compassion and help to the struggling. Maybe, just maybe and I happen to have my doubts, you can claim that you have been totally delivered from wanting another man but that's all well and good for you. Lots and lots of other people don't get that and don't do that and you have quite a nerve telling them that they are bad because they didn't have your experience. God and Jesus told us to love one another. In fact Jesus said that they would know you by your love. I saw nothing that came even close to love and acceptance in anything that you said on the Joni program today. Last time I checked, and by the way my Bible says that, God is the Judge and we are not to judge one another. So for you to go around saying, and guising it of all things in a "ministry", that people need to give up their homnosexual feelings and live a different way is displaying an arrogance that I'm sure God abhors.
I have had a close relationship with Father God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit since I accepted Him into my heart as a little boy. I have never felt rejected by Him and have seen many of His workings in my life through the years. We gays get enough rejection, ridicule, abuse and intolerance in the "world" so it is very dissapointing that people like you and Joni Lamb and many others who call themselves christians treat us exactly the same and many times even worse in the churches and christian community. As far as the issue of choosing to be gay or to not be gay is preposterous. If I could choose and could have chosen to be straight don't you think that I and millions of others would have made that choice by now. It is not possible. I know I would be living a lie because I know for a fact that I was born this way. I can never remember even as a little boy being attracted sexually to the opposite sex. I was playing around sexually with my piers, not older men, since the age of five and mostly with other boys in the church. Do you think I had any idea what I was or what I was doing was wrong? Of course not. I was told that by people like you. That something that came so naturally to me from a child was not acceptable. Those feelings and who I am have never changed. Jesus said that He came so that we could have life abundantly and to the fullest. If I try to pretend to be attracted to the opposite sex when I'm not deep down in my soul or go around always feeling bad about myself and condemned like you people are telling us we should, how does that compute with what Jesus told us? I can't have a good life and like myself and others if I try and pretend to be something that I'm not. Just because you and most of society especially the christian community have the opinion in your minds that it's unnatural and not right does not give you the right to tell all of us that we're sinners and wrong and going to hell and consequently try to condemn us to a horrible life here on earth. How dare you? Are YOU God? If Jesus never addressed it what on God's green earth gives you or any other human being the audacity to try to ruin people's lives with your lies and opinions? All I can say is I wouldn't want to be in your shoes on Judgement Day when you and countless preachers and others have to account for all of the suicides and the people who were hopelessly drawn away from church and God because of your "ministry"!


What you are missing is that some people do grow beyond their little boyhood feeling and become fully functioning adults. I know for myself that I was trapped in adolescence and refused to accept adult responsibility for many years. I used homosexual behaviour to avoid having to deal with real life. I lived in a fantasy world that I had created for myself. My temptation is to continue to do this, but I no longer can because I have found that my relationship with Christ is much more rewarding and it calls me to reach out to others not focus on my own needs or so called rights. We are always welcome to stay in these places but I do not believe that is what Christ is calling us to.


Concerned: What you are missing is that some people grow beyond their boyhood feeling of shame guilt school yard bullying and religious brow beating, do not cover up their authentic sexuality because of these fears, stand in their own loving truth, and become fully functioning adults.

Alan Chambers is a fully functioning disappointment. He took an inauthentic road. He has chosen to religiously brow beat others by backing a Biblical negative agenda creating suicide in the masses, in an attempt to make himself "right" and "ok" about his admitted homosexual self loathing.

Because his deeply rooted sexual fear has affected his communication, Alan comes off flighty, inauthentic, and buffoonish at best in public. His selective hiding out when asked questions is the sign of a man gone bad. His stem fear has produced a Pollyanna-like lie, living in a fantasy world created by his deceptive self absorption, causing disconnect from his authentic self. He can't face Beyond Ex Gay head-on because it brings up more truth than he can handle.

Alan's inner sexual workings are all evil based modules he promotes for a hopeless attempt at full self acceptance. To orchestrate and support the demise of children is simply a by-product he rolls off with arrogance. If Alan Chambers were a "fully functioning adult" he would not be getting blasted by so many truly authentic adults to grow up.

Homosexual Alan Chambers is a stright-wanna-be. He does not know what an authentic long term sexual relationship really is. Alan the homosexual, can't deal with his sexual template and he MUST dramatize it. All in all for fear of resolving full self realization.

Best definition of Alan Chambers? A pudgy ageing cry baby. Best avenue; drop him off the radar. He's a bore.


Sounds to me that you desperately need to take a long hard look in the mirror that you need to hold up to yourself.

ewe ( the one that alan censors)

Concerned. No it is you that needs to stop looking so much at yourself and start practicing your faith. Guess what smarty pants. There are countless openly gay men and women who love themselves the way they are and many of them are practicing christians and fully functioning. Keep your low self esteem focused on yourself and stop trying to transpose your guilt and childish inability to accept yourself by putting down an entire group of people that do not think of their sexual orientation the infantile way you, Alan chambers and Randy thomas do.

Common Sense

I think Concerned is a recovering gay sex addict from the sounds of her/his entry. When one gets self rightous on others, you can be sure there are personal demons lashing out to ease the pain. Not unlike a stampering child, you just shake your head and smile hoping they will grow out of it someday.

Happy healthy homo here, never had a nitch of confusion or guilt about being gay. I wish I could make it all right for those of you in deep painful self recrimination about your inborn circumstances.

I assure you, following JC is the way. But there are two ways to follow our lord JC, Jesus Christ the loving one or man's alter JC, Judgement and Control. Though it is disappointing, Exodus practices the latter.

Until the real JC comes back to edit the Bible, as it was in it's beginnings some 50 years after his demise, we MUST rely on common sense for this sexuality ordeal. It's amazing that the central charactor in Christian religion, did not write one word or one chapter in it's religious text.

Until there is clarity on the Bible as to who wrote what and what is correct or not, best rely on our willingness to doubt it's correctness when common sense says otherwise, reduce fear and go from there. Love is solid, fear is unstable. It's always about what we choose that causes a result.

Gay is great, no quams here, born it raised it am it love it, it's bodynsoul stable in me. And I will always see it that way. Being gay in itself, just like the animal kingdom of which we are a part, is a piece of humanity's unwavering truth. And truth is what it's really all about.

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