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Tuesday, September 18, 2007



While I think it's wonderful that Exodus International and other organizations like it are reaching out to people who no longer want to be gay or lesbian and choose to follow Christ instead (I myself recently overcame homosexual lust), I question the tactics that these organizations use in trying to help these people. Are these organizations trying to impose heterosexuality on us, then pressuring us into getting married and having children so that we can "prove" that we are healed? In other words, do we have to be something we're not in order to follow Christ (an alcoholic is still an alcoholic even if they never drink again; likewise, a homosexual is still a homosexual even if they give up their lifestyle for Christ and never live a life of immorality again)? Or, are we truly being helped and allowed to be who we are without being forced to or pressured into becoming something we're not, married hetrosexuals with children?

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