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Wednesday, September 12, 2007




I'm sorry, but when Mike asked you about how your religion feels about homosexuality, you hurt yourself tremendously. That answer made you sound like you were trying to be evasive and give an answer that you thought would be acceptable to your audience. Your credibility, already a little bit tenuous with that audience, flew right out the window when you tried to side-step the question.

On another note, you also said that the reason you changed had to do with "homosexuality being for the young." I actually laughed when I heard that because it doesn't particularly jive with your own story of making really poor choices that, one could argue, had nothing to do with your sexuality.

I was watching Mos Def the other night and he said "heck, this is America, I could choose to be a girl if I wanted." And he's right! You can choose to pretend to be whomever you want. And the message looks relatively good when you are on Mike and Juliet's show. Why is it then that you work so actively to degrade the lives of gays and lesbians who, as you would say, choose to live healthy and happy lives just how they are?

You know, I'll be 38 next month. My family looks much like yours. With the exception of course that my partner is a man...oh, and we've got one kid not two. Then again, my kid is biological not adopted. Our roots are very deep in Christianity. And, I'll be honest, it's been a struggle trying to figure out a lot of things...because of our faith. We are very honest though in that we realize that we don't have all the answers. Which is one of the reasons I don't understand your story. You give them impression that you do...but your answers seems to be tailored to the audience you are addressing.

I'm sorry if this came across antagonistic, because that's not my intent, I was just a little floored watching you.

Best regards,


Alan Chambers


I'm not sure I understand the majority of your post.

I will adress what I did get. I went through a rigorous interview process with producers and was told not to mention faith, religion or anything Jesus-y. In fact when Juliet mentioned my straight friends being more faithful than my gay friends at a pivotal point in my life, it was actually my Christian friends, but I wasn't allowed to say that so they substituted "straight". They said that they wanted the segment to be non-religious and that if it started to get reliogious that they would quickly end it. SO, when Mike brought up the religion question I absolutely did not know what to say. It was so drilled into me that I needed to stay personal and not delve into faith that I was thrown off. I hate that, but....

Alan Chambers

By the way, my kids might not be biological, but they are my and Leslie's nonetheless. Your comment about that doesn't read well. Not sure what you meant by that---probably nothing, but it wasn't necessary.

Account Deleted

Why did you do the show if they were so opposed to your faith being mentioned? Was the show just a setup to begin with? If people are looking for honesty they shouldn't be telling their guests that they can't share their whole story.



My apologies if my statement re our child being bio didn't sit well with you. It wasn't meant as any kind of slam. People adopt for all kinds of reasons and, as I told my son the other night, being adopted wouldn't make him anyless my child. I truly am sorry if I somehow gave the impression of stigmatizing you children.

I was simply trying to point out that my family isn't that different from yours with just a few minor exceptions. We have, I would bet, many of the same challenges and joys that you and Leslie have. The unfortunate thing is that you are actively working to make certain that my family can't have the same protections that you and Leslie enjoy. I don't get it! Perhaps your argument is that I too can have what you and Leslie have. All I need to do is join an Exodus ministry, spend years and lots of money attempting to change my orientation (which btw, I've already done), then I too can get married and live just like you. I'm sorry if I sound incredulous because I'm really trying not to buy into the cynic in me.

On the show, you talked as if the whole youth factor was the impetus that caused you to seek out change. That doesn't seem to jive with your story as I understand it. And, frankly, the whole youth excuse is a big bother to me on so many levels. Is there an emphasis placed on youthfulness in the gay community? Absolutely! Is there an emphasis placed on youthfulness in the straight community? Absolutely! You argument seems to indicate a total lack of understanding of homosexuality because being gay is about so much more than (i) sex and (ii) youth. And that makes me wonder...if you could be wrong on that issue, how many other issues are you wrong on?

I frankly don't have an issue with your chosen path in life. I wish that you would quit doing things that suggest that you have a problem with mine.


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