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Wednesday, September 26, 2007




Perhaps you know that my partner is black. Perhaps you don't. He grew up in the hood (Watts/Inglewood) and while he's happy to be gone from the hood, still has a lot of hood in him (and is proud of that fact). I'm pretty sensitive to all things racist. Perhaps overly so! But this, this takes the cake!

I called up my guy to ask him his take on Timothy's post as well as your thoughts. He's still trying to figure out what's racist about the title to Timothy's post. I am too for that matter.

It appears like you are trying to create something where nothing exists.


Timothy Kincaid

Done. If it's offensive to someone I certainly don't mind apologizing.


I'm with you on this one J. An apology is unwarranted. Must be slim pickin's in the boy's barn yard today.

Regan DuCasse

It's not racist to use vernacular usually attributed to people of color. And considering how much prejudice and misunderstanding and myth that Exodus advances, to say nothing of driving a wedge between the two minorities most affected by discrimination, prejudice and myth around their respective SEXUALITY, Alan Chambers is in no place to make such a complaint.
Yeah, I said it. Because I love me some Timothy and I'll be the black woman that's got the cred and history with Timothy to say it.

I tried to have some history with Alan too, but he's not having it.

Alan Chambers

So what if I used a title like that for someone who was black and pro-XGW or some other gay organization? I guarantee that it would be more than topic for conversation in the gay blogosphere and I would have anti-black added to my growing list of adjectives.

Let me also say, I don't have a problem with Timothy---he has been cordial in our exchanges and we have found some things to agree on. This wasn't an anti-Timothy post.

Alan Chambers

Hey Regan,

What kind of history have you tried to have with me? I can recall a lot of digs over at XGW, but publicly criticizing me and trying to have a public verbal brawl isn't my idea of dialogue.

You want to talk? Call me and we will set up a time to talk. I would be happy to hear you out and talk. For that matter, I am always happy to talk in person like I did with Peterson Tuscano and Christine Bakke both of whom I invited to my office. I found our time very productive.

David Roberts

I would not have written the tile that way myself, and did think it looked odd. I'm not willing to assign racist intentions to Timothy, as I don't that was his motivation. But those who don't know him might well do so after reading that title.

I do have to agree that Alan would have been ripped to shreds for doing the same.

Regan DuCasse

Hey, Alan...anytime. Please, let's talk.

I thought perhaps you figured I was a blip squeaking rather than a human being trying to get your attention.
And I only got it, once you noticed a dig.
Same goes for Throckmorton, who I emailed YEARS before I ever heard of XGW.
You have my email, and I'll be happy too, if you want to call me.
I've already said, that I try new things as a blank slate.
However, I got dissed often enough by Living Waters, and other ex gay orgs that I tried to contact.
What you have been experiencing is my frustration and being treated as if I wasn't there.
You feel me?

Alan Chambers

Thanks, David, for your post. And, Reagan, I feel ya! I will email you in the morning when I am in the office. VERY happy to do so.


If you are correct that you would have received all sorts of heck had you posted the same sort of title, then that is truly messed up! Seriously, have we become so petty and sensitive that the smallest thing sets us off. I guess I want to live in a world where people don't automatically attribute the worst to others at the slightest provocation. The sad thing to me, is that I'm probably guilty as well. For that, I truly am sorry!


Alan Chambers

Thanks for being willing to be confrontational, but equally willing to make ammends when necessary. I appreciate that you take the time to comment here.

Alan Chambers

I am so sorry but I cannot find your email address anywhere. I have looked in archives and still don't know where it is. Can you email me: [email protected]? I look forward to talking soon.

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