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Wednesday, August 08, 2007



Well I did consider killing myself! And, we've seen all too frequently in the news about kids who were bullied who resorted to this type of retribution.

I think that the quote from the GSA website is designed, much like your own "appeal letter" hyperbole, to garner attention. You both have an agenda. Unfortunately, in the end, only the innocents in the middle are the ones hurt by the sniping you both do! It's rather revolting!


Mike Ensley

Jonathan, how can you compare this to anything Alan has said?


And who were the students responsible for the school shooting over the last 15 years?

Oh yeah, the kids who were bullied because they were different.

Whether you like it or not, you can't run away from the fact that an unstable kid who's picked on has a chance of grabbing a gun and doing horrible things.

Of course that doesn't stop Regina Griggs at PFOX from going into schools and promising (without proof)"change" to a bullied confused youth.


The child molesting thing might be a bit over the line but you can't deny that a great many "pro-family" types make a pretty tidy living stigmatizing gay and lesbian citizens.



Hyperbole is hyperbole. Doesn't matter who engages in it or to what degree. Your protestations not withstanding, you guys engage in it just as well as the other side. And, like I said, the only people who are hurt are those caught in the middle.



I guess using the same logic a christian student who is teased and feels ridiculed could also feel "threatened".

At my High School the enviroment is very liberal, and traditional students are teased..but if they were to react with killing anyone it would be a hate crime.

Timothy Kincaid


*this is not the 'official' Alan Chambers but is simply a portal name on some unknown website. But since that doesn't make for a good headline we'll pretend like we don't know better and hope that those who read this get confused and think it's true.

Geez, Alan. I know you have been wanting to be more honest in your conversations. Can't you start by not slandering GLSEN? You KNOW that this site has NOTHING to do with actual existing GSA's and CERTAINLY nothing to do with "the GSA powers that be".

I would hope that you don't care more about attacking gay folks and seeking to insinuate that GLSEN supports murder than you do about the truth. If so, I'd check your priorities.


I think it's an awesome website, beings Alan Chambers goes to high schools to ENCOURAGE the bullying of gay high school students. It's too bad one of those bullied kids didn't pull the gun on Chambers, being the bully-enabler he is.

Alan has a lot of room to talk about this subject!

And most "pro-family" weirdos ARE child molestors. Or demented sexual deviants who'll sleep with anyone.


That was a bit over the top, Borg. I don't think wishing violence on Alan is a good idea.


Nothing is more over-the-top than the things Chambers says and does. I pale in comparison. Besides, Chambers has ordered violence towards me more times than anyone can count - and he's a fag himself.

Speaking of which, why hasn't Alan already joined the new pink 3-headed Naugle hydra - Peter "piss wallower" LaBarbera, Matt "fat boy" Barber and Stephen "married to a wig-wearing horse" Bennett?

Another question - why has Chambers never done a lick of manual labor in his life? Without the "ex gay" thing, he and his "wife" would be homeless.


"Please note that the Gay Straight Alliance site referenced in this post is not the 'official' GSA site."

So then, Alan, why did you sensationalize this? You know that many people will jump on this before getting to your disclaimer. As a person in authority, and as one who has had his own words taken out-of-context, you of all people should know better. How will we ever truly help "strugglers" when instead of Christ's compassion, the blog wars are filled with so much clamoring for the latest political propoganda? I find this irresponsible on your part.


PS. Did you check ALL of the links I sent you?



You should calm down
and only speak of
things you know.

You can not attest
to anything that has
Alan supporting the
physical harm of a
person because she
or he is gay.

While you may disagree with
Exodus' ideologicaly you can
not call it a hate group.

Opposition to hate crime law's have more to do with ideological difference about law, than supporting physical harm to gay people.

Intelligent and reasonable people can come to varying views about hate crimes legislation without claiming the other side is trying to kill them.

While many arguments have been presented for Hate Crimes Law here are just a few of the
many reasons some oppose this type of legislation.

Many people feel that hate crime provisions might be disregarded and hate crime laws and associated
case law could evolve to the point where speaking out strongly against a particular group or its actions could be construed as a libelous hate crime, violating
rights to freedom of expression, thought, religion.

Allowing a self-declared
victim to decide if a crime
has occurred violates the principle of objective justice Perpetrators of the same criminal act should not be treated differently because they hold different beliefs
or motives

Penalties that do not include hate-crimes enhancement are already sufficient, in that
vandalism, assault and murder have always been illegal and subject to prosecution.

The fact that they still occur does not justify infringing
on the freedoms of speech and religion

It brings the law into disrepute and further divides society, as groups apply to have their critics silenced

Religious practices will
become subject to government
regulation, violating the separation of church and

Borg these are just a few
reasons and accepting these
as valid points is not the
same as promoting violence
upon a community!



I hate to tell you I've been reading this snake called Alan Chambers for years, countless articles, and I know all what he's about.

Chambers hasn't been known to be all that stable to begin with, so he's probably forgotten some of the things he's said and done over the years. Luckily I, and several others haven't.

He and his followers sure can dish out the hateful and violent rhetoric, but they certainly can't take it.

I also find the asterik by the title of this article to be intentionally misleading - classic Alan Chambers, true to form.

And I'm still waiting on Alan to join that LaBarbera/Barber/Bennett hydra. Come on Alan, there's room for more nutty heads on that creature! Call up John "Roseanne Barr" Paulk and have him join too - that is, if he isn't too busy looking for penis at some gay bar. I want to see that Naugle hydra get as nutty, loony, bizarre and zany as possible - before it gets flushed.


"You can not attest to anything that has Alan supporting the physical harm of a person because she or he is gay."

One more thing - yes I can. The whole high school visit, trying to keep school admin from preventing the bullying of gay high school students. It's in an article, gay.com or Advocate, one of those two.

Keeping violence and bullying against gay high school students (as if being bullied will make them straight) sure is condoning and commanding gays to be treated with violence.

And that's just for starters.


With all do respect Borg you are talking in circles and have yet to offer concrete examples of Alan endorsing violence on to gay people.

You need a better hook than some artilce on a homosexual website with references to bullying.

One might say the articles in some gay preodicals mocking religious faith and people of faith create an enviroment of religious intolerance.

Does that mean a religious person could under hate crimes law sue gay perodicals and institutions for creating a hostile enviroment?

Be careful what you ask given the attacks on people by members of the gay community the same law may be use against them it's a two way street!

Timothy Kincaid

I, along with everyone else here, too disavow Borg's comments as being immature, hateful, and not based on rational argument. Such spiteful venting is neither responsible nor effective and I wish he'd stop.

Warren Throckmorton

Whatever some may have initially believed about gaystraightalliance.org, it appears that the group of websites by owner Brian Wyant are worse than we thought.

See this link and this one for more on this disturbing story.



It appears nobody has any qualms about condemning the comments on that website. Rightly so.

Could we have an equally-worded, official public statement from you with regard to Wellington Boone and/or Ken Hutcherson?

Could you also make an official public commitment that neither man will be invited to appear at Exodus sponsored events, nor will you or Exodus associate with either man or their organisation, until he has made a public statement making amends for their past comments and activities?

I'm loath to think you would be holding an unknown individual in Cowsplat, Iowa to a higher standard than a either Boone or Hutcherson.


Wellington Boone and Ken Hutcherson both come from
strong black,pentecostal backgrounds.

There language may come off
as emmotional and flashy to
some these men do not advocate violence against gay people nor have they ever rationalized violence against gay people.

Gay community leaders aslo have a history of meeting with people who have said terrible things in the past.

Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson speak at gay events but in the past used language that many in the Jewish community found to be hostile. Yet they have been welcomed and spoken at many to gay events!

Keith Boykin a prominent black
gay activist and blogger worked with Louis Farakhan in order to get his message of "inclusion" out.

Yet national gay groups have not condemed these men but embraced there efforts of outreach!

I do however think that Exdous should be careful about which ministers they choose to support because some ministers have no limits in getting there point across!

Alan Chambers


Please, enlighten us. What hateful things have I said? I am especially interested in the bullying high school students piece that you are referring to in the Advocate. Pretty darn sure you won't be able to substantiate your claims.

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