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Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Judith Rokicka

My daughter is trying to start a G.S.A. club after school and she was told this afternoon no. The asst. pinciple told her no because they have a club where everyone can meet to talk. What can I do to help her get a club started and are they allowed to turn her down.

Alan Chambers

Hi Judith,

Thanks for your question and for visiting my blog. I think you probably have asked the wrong person about this. I am not an advocate of GSA's. I think they might be well-intentioned in some respects, but they fail to respect other views about homosexuality. Also, I think the issue of homosexuality shouldn't be addressed in public schools. I think respect is vital---but, schools should stay out of endorsing or promoting homosexuality. School is for reading, wrting and arithmatic, not debates over moral issues and movements.

I am happy to dialogue about this more via email: [email protected]

Also, please check out www.truthandtolerance.org

Very Best,


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