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Thursday, April 12, 2007



I agree. Selective moralism


I also agree, I was going to call it selective retribution. Mr. Imus has a history of vulgar and offensive statements toward anyone who doesn't agree with his side of any issue. He and his wife support many wonderful charitable organizations and are heavily involved in enviromental issues. Do you think Green Peace, or Al Gore etc. will offer any pleas for mercy for Imus? It will be interesting to see where his political sycophants fall now that he has been called out.

Nelson G

Rosie isn't receiving the same amount of criticism as Imus has because her views are indicative of many others here in NYC, for example, who are still having trouble understanding just what it was that took place, and why, whereas Imus has made quite a living for himself for being a pompous, arrogant ass.

I was suspicious of WTC7, I couldn't understand how a building could fall down and so I Googled. Now I understand a little better as to the why and how.

Hopefully, Miss O'Donnell has referenced the same materials and is coming away with a better understanding as WTC7

I fail to understand how you can remain subscribed to a community who feigns apoplexy every time someone opposite of your ideology speaks to an alternative POV.

Alan Chambers


Mr. Imus's position is the same as some others I know, too, that doesn't mean that a network, sponsors or the American public have to endorse it.

Rosie's opinions are her opinions, but she should keep a lot of them off the air. If she doesn't then ABC and the sponsors of The View should weigh in like NBC and the sponsors of Imus did.


It's like compairing apples and oranges. They are both fruit to be sure, but that's as far as the comparison goes.


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